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Affinity Photo is a great piece of software to edit professional photography. Which is smoother, faster, and more powerful than ever, specifically designed for professionals in creative and photography.

Affinity is an outstanding alternative to Photoshop, Affinity includes a vast amount of tools and features to suit your needs, whether you're looking for image editing & retouching or creating multi-layered, full-blown compositions.

Affinity Editing tools

Key features include:

  • Affinity is the editing of Raw.
  • You can paint the digital.
  • A retouching professional.
  • Multi-layered compositions. 
  • Make image editing at 360-degree. 
  • Stitching for a panorama. 
  • It's about stacking. 
  • Make the HDR fusion. 
  • Make you create effects from the layer. 
  • An advanced type. 
  • You can import and export from PSD.


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